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5 years of building platforms using open source
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Scalable, fast platforms. 5 years of running Node.js® in Production.


Expert consultancy on project leadership and technology.


Try ideas. Get feedback. Use the conclusions to plan your next steps.


Professional development, systems and web programming with project management, best practice advice and training.


Support processes, docs and resources to keep the stack or project running smoothly.

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Sharpen your edge


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Meet the team

Mark Poulsen

Mark specialises in project & talent management. He brings 10 years of experience with building backend telecom systems using new technologies.

Alastair Brunton

Alastair specialises in Node and Ruby, bringing full stack experience to the team. A big fan of being outside, his mountaineering skills bring practical advantages to developing inspiring solutions.

Sigurd Gartmann

Sigurd develops complete web systems in different frameworks in python, ruby and java. He loves Node, Django and rapid web development.